The Importance of Self-Care & Self-Connection

There are 2 C’s that are always constant in our human experience. These are CHANGE and CONNECTION. And the only way to maintain that vital sense of balance in a life that is full of constant change and ceaseless connections is to add a third C which is CARE. This care is Self-Care to be precise. 

  • Change

  • Connection

  • Care

Self-care is a subject that is exceedingly important to me as it should be to you. As a woman, I have endured several relationships, both personal and professional, that were unbelievably toxic for me.

I know many people throw the word “toxic” around a lot today. But nothing can be more toxic than living through relationships and experiencing a lost sense of control over your happiness & peace. 

That was my experience, and I know a lot of people can relate to it. But guess what?

Eventually, I did experience a turning point & made a life changing decision.

Want to know what it was and how you can get there too? Check out The Science of Self-love E-book!

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